24-Hour Protest People: Details on Our SXSW Panel

South By Southwest is coming up fast and I can’t hardly wait to get there, I tell you what. One highlight SXSW-goers shouldn’t miss: our very own panl on the Occupy Movement and citizen journalism:

Occupying Media: 24-Hour Protest People

The Occupy Wall Street Movement began in September, 2011 with the goal of holding a 24/7 public protest at the nerve center of American finance. Uniquely among American mass protest movements, the “occupation” used a variety of specially configured audio, video and social media resources to built an independent media capacity to extend the reach of its message and bypass mainstream media filters. These systems emphasized the role of the citizen observer over traditional media engagement strategies, and by creating “news” and validating events through shared experience, they helped the occupation movement achieve and sustain critical mass. This panel features members from various occupation sites who have worked on national media efforts.

Kickass! I’m moderating the discussion, and you can find out more about the other panelists here. Hope you can make it.


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Colin Delany
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