Six Days Until “Occupying Media: 24 Hour Protest People” at SXSW

Howdy folks, South by Southwest is coming up fast, and I’m getting completely psyched for our panel discussion on the Occupy movement as citizen journalism. Two of our four panelists were involved on the media side of Occupy Wall Street, while the other two were on the tech scene at Occupy Austin (I’m moderating the panel and providing comedic relief). We’re going to cover everything from Twitter to print journalism to pirate radio and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, with a particular focus on how the Occupy movement created its own alternate media universe to bypass corporate media filters.

If you’re going to SXSW Interactive, come see us! 5 pm Sunday, March 11, just across the river from the convention center at the Hyatt. Bring beer!


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Colin Delany
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