Vote Today! SXSW Panel, ‘Politicos + #SocialMedia: What Could Ever Go Wrong?’

Y’all oughta know by now that I’m a huge fan of Austin’s South By Southwest festival, despite what it does to my poor, battered mind and body. This year I’m damn happy to have helped put together a SXSW Interactive panel idea with Serenety Hanley, Julie Germany and Beth Becker, a little ditty we’re calling “Politicos + #SocialMedia: What Could Ever Go Wrong?” If it’s accepted, the panel will be a hoot and half…and that’s where you come in. We need your vote!

Yes, part of the panel-picking process involves audience voting, and it would absolutely kickass-awesome if you’d take a minute and pop over to the SXSW site and cast your vote for our discussion. We promise it’ll be worth it! Thanks so much — voting ends Friday, so please get right on that. Vote early! Vote often! Here’s the actual panel description, and also note that I worked in the word “panopticon” into the “questions this panel will answer” section. Aw yeah.

Politicos + #SocialMedia: What Could Ever Go Wrong?

Twitter made Anthony Weiner a national punchline, but the former New York Congressmember isn’t the only politician who’s run afoul of social media. This panel will examine candidates, officeholders and public figures’ digital social habits that have resulted in scandal, controversy and downright hilarity. In the process, we’ll learn the right ways for politicos and advocates to employ Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr et al to define their public image, alter the public discussion *favorably* and persuade voters to go to the polls.

Thanks again! Y’all rock.


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