Vote Early! Vote Often! For Our ‘Online Advocacy Mythbusters’ NTC Panel


Howdy folks, our Non-Profit Technology Conference panel idea needs your help! Voting ends Friday, and we’re a few short of the threshold for advancing to the next round. Our old friend Burt Edwards is organizing, and regular contributor Beth Becker and I are on the speaker list. The topic? Myth-busting! Specifically, online advocacy and communications myths and urban legends:

MythBusters: Telling Digital & Commications Best Practices from Urban Legends

Plenty of online organizing and media engagement tips get passed around as the Gospel Truth at conferences and trainings, but how many have over-stayed their welcome? How can you tell rhetoric from strategies and tactics that will get real results?

In this session, a panel of leading communication experts will serve as NTEN’s own MythBusters, going back-and-forth with participants to separate useful advice from “rules” that are past their prime or just weren’t any good to start with. What are some key signs of a digital urban legend? What common misconceptions are too often repeated as unbreakable rules for communicators? Come to this session for tips on knowing what you’re talking about, not just sounding like you do.

Fewer literal explosions than the TV show, but plenty of myths to pop! Please vote now… I’ll love you forever.

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Colin Delany
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