South by Southwest Panels: Vote Early, Vote Often

Vote for my PanelPicker Idea!

What with all the shows, e-books, panels and other crazy stuff being planned down here in the e.politics bunker lately, I’ve completely failed to let you guys know about the two presentations I have in the running for South by Southwest. You can help!

Head over to the easy-to-use SXSW Panel Picker and give your thumbs-up to my submissions for the Interactive and Music conferences (after a very short registration — Mom, you and Dad will have to use different computers). Both presentations would be based on ideas in the Obama e-book, but the Interactive panel would focus on online marketing, promotion and brand-building, while the Music panel would look more at how bands and musicians can find and mobilize fans.

Also, be sure to check out Interactive panel ideas from Julie Germany, Lynn Stinson, Amanda Marcotte (note interesting flame war in the comments), Julie Blitzer, Sarah Granger, Kyle McLellan, Mary McClelland and Meghan Warby, all of which look really interesting. Voting runs through midnight on September 4 — thanks, y’all!


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Colin Delany
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