Greetings from South by Southwest!

Hi folks, I’ve been at the SXSW Interactive Festival/Conference since Friday — hell of a time. I’ve been going to plenty of great panels (plus a couple of dogs…c’mon, people!) on the intersection of tech and politics/advocacy, but other fun topics have been on the menu as well. Government and Augmented Reality, anyone?

But of course, the best part of any event like this is meeting and talking with so many bright, interesting and motivated people — it’s a huge boost to the brain, and I’ll be walking out full of inspiration.

SXSW Interactive ends tonight; after that, I’ll plunge into four days of SXSW Music (4000 bands! 50-odd venues!). Look for an article or two inspired by Interactive panels and conversations to appear in the next few days, but not too many — I’ve got business that involves amplifiers, and I’m not one to shirk my duties. Next year? I bet you might just see me here again…SXSW has changed enormously since the first time I went in 2003, but it’s still a unique environment and a wonderful community. Check it out sometime if you can.


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Colin Delany
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