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The Politics Online Conference is coming in April and the organizers already want to know what YOU want to see (democracy? that’s crazy talk!). Let me pre-bias you in favor of a few of ’em, since I proposed two and am part of the package for a third. To help out, just go to this online survey and rate the various suggestions. Want a hint? Scroll down just a bit and be sure to rate “Advocacy 3.0” highly — Doktor Alan Rosenblatt is pulling it together, and it promises to be a Internet Advocacy Roundtable-style high-level thinkfest (I’m a-bringin’ my 3-D glasses so’s I can See The Future).

Then, scroll aaaaall the way down to the bottom (because I submitted them at the last possible second, as per usual) and check out my two ideas: “Barack Obama Made Me Sick! Viral Politics in the 2008 Elections” (clever title or a self-defeating one? we’ll soon know) and “Online Politics at the State Level,” two things you CLEARLY want to learn more about. Proposed session descriptions below:

Barack Obama Made Me Sick! Viral Politics in the 2008 Elections

From the Yes We Can video to the Obama’s-a-Muslim emails, political campaigns in 2008 both benefited and suffered from the information that voters passed around among themselves. In an interconnected world, what can campaigns do to encourage supporters act as their viral evangelists? And, how can they counter any negative content that moves against them behind the scenes?

Online Politics at the State Level

Sure, the internet helped put Obama in the White House, but what about state and local races? How did new media play in races for governorships, congress, state legislative seats and on down the ladder? What considerations are similar and what are different for local and statewide candidates than for their colleagues at the presidential level?

Vote now! Vote often! Actually, you can only rate panels once (sorry Mom), so be sure to take a good look — there are some excellent ideas on the list. The Politics Online Conference will take place April 8-9; mark your calendar today. I hope to see you there.


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