Greetings from the Nonprofit Technology Conference

Nonprofit Technology Conference

Hey gang! Apologies for the sparse posting of late; I’ve been juggling client projects and other writing assignments (yes, I’ve been cheating on you), plus some transient-but-unpleasant health thingies. Have no fear! We’ll get rolling again shortly. In the meantime, greetings from San Jose, California and the Nonprofit Technology Conference (note: a cross-country flight with a nasty fever is exactly as fun as it sounds). A dose of sunshine and 70-degree weather is good for body and soul alike, as is three days hanging out with nonprofit superstars. Rock and roll!

If you happen to BE one of those superstars gathered for the conference, don’t miss two panels I’m proud to be a part of:

Kickass stuff! I liked the mythbusters idea so much that I submitted a similar idea to Netroots Nation. And, I’m pleased as punch to be on stage with such a great group of panelists both days. Let’s see what article ideas come of out the conference, too.


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