June 26: The Nonprofit 2.0 Unconference

Nonprofit 2.0 unconference

The Nonprofit 2.0 unconference is coming up next week, and I highly recommend that anyone in the nonprofit/advocacy world check it out. I’ve been several times, and I’m planning to lead a session or two in the afternoon, when we go to a fluid format. More about Nonprofit 2.0’s innovative approach:

Nonprofit 2.0 is more than just a conference on the next generation web. It’s a next generation conference in format. Ever attend a conference, for a keynote, and find the rest of the content to be wanting? NonProfit 2.0 delivers the best of both worlds, offering great keynote sessions led by the most innovative nonprofit campaigners, thought leaders, and strategists in the space but in an unconference way with no PowerPoint, 15 minute leads, and open questions and dialogue for fantastic conversations. Then from midmorning forward, NonProfit 2.0 shifts into a full-on Unconference with DC’s brightest minds strategizing for social good.

Register today! I hope to see you there.


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Colin Delany
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