A Quick Plug for the PDF unConference

If you’re in New York this weekend or looking for an excuse to head to the Big City, why not check out the second day of the Personal Democracy Forum Conference, the unConference, on Saturday? It’s a very cool idea — rather than the usual canned presentations by Big Names, it’s you and me passing information back and forth in discussions that we choose to put on. The unConference is a self-organizing community, which is about as Web 2.0 as you’re going to get. And, it’s only $35, which includes lunch (mmmmmm, lunch).

PDF Conference/UnConference

So come on out, whether or not you’re planning to go to PDF’s main event on Friday — I guaran-damn-tee you it’ll be worth it, if you’re into this crazy online politics stuff at all. I went to something similar put on by the New Organizing Institute soon after the ’06 elections, and it was like a summer camp for online advocacy nerds. I.e., a hoot and a half. Come up and say howdy if you’re there, and be sure to thank organizer Nancy Scola, who’s a badass and is working her heart out to make this thing happen.

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Colin Delany
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