Digital Politics Goes New Age: The VAN Database Now Lets You Select Voter Files by Star Sign

Update: Apparently, this feature has been in the VAN since it started…which is even better.

Political data nerds LOVE to use tools like the VAN backend voter management system to slice and dice outreach lists by all kinds of criteria — age, location, voting history, and….star sign?

Yep, the VAN’s database now allows users to select voter files by their astrological sign. Want to reach all Scorpios in a given congressional district? Now you can, as shown in the screen shot below (dropped off in the e.politics bunker by a friendly little bird).

Screenshot of VAN backend

Is “what’s your sign?” the burning new question in political polling, taking us back to the Age of Aquarius? Will block-walkers now need to wear gold medallions and carry pet rocks? Regardless of how useful a feature this is, I’m sure the VAN’s programmers had fun with it…and keeping the techies amused is a good way to keep them working.

Speaking of staying amused, note that the database keeps track of “targets,” “scores,” “household party counts” and “household sex counts”…damn, now THAT’S the kind of data-tracking we here at can endorse!


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Colin Delany
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