NGP VAN: Democratic Voter Contacts Up 54% from 2010

Voter canvassing

2008 canvassing image courtesy Wikipedia.

This just in: NGP VAN reports that Democrats have made 54% more individual voter contacts in 2014 than at this point in 2010, the last comparable mid-term election. Dems are counting on these phone calls and door-knocks to get their voters to the polls, and because so many campaigns and Democratic-aligned organizations use the Voter Activation Network to organize their outreach, NGP VAN is in a unique position to analyze the results. Here’s a nice chart summarizing the difference four years has made:

NPG VAN 2014 voter contact numbers

The big question, of course, is whether all of this outreach, much of it carefully targeted using data accumulated over several election cycles, will actually make enough of a difference to be decisive. We’ll know more in a week….


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Colin Delany
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