Rocking the Vote: A Clever Voter Registration Widget

Check out this smart little critter from Rock The Vote and Credo Mobile — it’s a customizable voter registration widget. When people click on the image below (which you can change to something matches your site), a DHTML window pops up to collect the necessary information. When someone fills it out, they’re emailed a voter registration form for their area that they can then print out and mail in (one day we may be able to register people directly via some kind of database upload, but not yet). Site owners can add questions (note the classics I added at the end of the example below), collect data on the people who sign up through their instance of the widget, prepopulate fields in the signup form and make other changes spelled out in the developer’s guide.

Register to Vote: Rock the Vote, powered by Credo Mobile

Neat idea, and they also offer a MySpace-specific version since MySpace doesn’t allow Javascript. Want one for your site? Sign up here.


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Colin Delany
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