Covering the Voter Turnout Drive

A number of news outlets talk about the last-minute turnout game today, with Republican strategists touting the 72 Hour Project in a wire service article that ran in papers ranging from the Minneapolis Star-Tribune to the Miami Herald. The database-driven voter mobilization effort was also one of the standard talking points on the news shows this weekend.

The Post noted an interesting point in an article that also has a lot of details about election-eve operations — because of the time required to set up a significant turnout effort, the Republicans haven’t had time to roll one out in congressional districts that have suddenly become vulnerable in the last few weeks. It would be ironic if the Rs held on to several “battleground” seats because of a mobilization blitz but then turned around and lost a significant number of seats that had been considered safe. In war, no defensive line can be equally strong everywhere.


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Colin Delany
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