“Winning in 2010” Guide Downloaded 1000 Times — And Counting

Here’s a quick update on the recent How Candidates Can Use the Internet to Win in 2010 guide: since it came out on December 9th of last year, readers have downloaded it directly from this site over 1000 times, and I’ve heard anecdotal reports that it’s also being forwarded from person to person with great vigor. The book has spread almost entirely via word-of-mouth so far, and though I’m planning to send out a press release and bug a few bloggers and political journalists directly next week, this kind of response is a great start.

BTW, if you’re scoring at home, the latest publication’s older siblings are also ticking along nicely these days, with Learning from Obama downloaded 6000+ times since August and Online Politics 101 more than 50,000 times since its initial release in 2006. Cool!


Written by
Colin Delany
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