Quick Hits — July 31, 2006

  • Les Blogs Herald France’s Newest Inalienable Right — The French are crazy about blogs, spending more time on them than Americans, British or Germans. Money quote — “You cannot be elected president of France without a blog.”
  • MySpace Blurs Line Between Friends And Flacks — Advertisers are taking advantage of MySpace to create ads that don’t look like ads. Promotional tactics include profiles for fake people who love a product and for movie characters.
  • The Politics of Science — A pro-stem-cell-research group called the Campaign to Defend the Constitution is spending $250,000 for ads in the New York Times print version and $100,000 for online ads, though the article doesn’t specify where the online ads will run. (BTW, nice campaign name, guys. Next up: “Campaign for Butterflies, Puppies and Nice Warm Hugs”)


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Colin Delany
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  • I would be a strong supporter of Butterflies, Puppies and Nice Warm Hugs.

    There has also been a lot of activity of political campaigns starting MySpace pages. In my view, this is a type of guerilla marketing that can be useful, but does not take the place of a destination campaign website. Organizations and candidates should treat their website as an messaging beacon in a sea of noise and misinformation.