Quick Hits — December 4, 2006

  • Election 2006: People Powered Politics. MoveOn lets us know what you can do if you have 3.2 million motivatived volunteers. Turns out, a lot. Via Democracy in Action.
  • In Personal Democracy Forum, Josh Levy has three reports from this past weekend’s Roots Camp, demonstrating excellent live-blogging technique (my competing note-taking kung fu style was all old-school pen and paper). You can read them here, here and here.
  • If You’re Still Interested In The Blog Swarm…. In Beltway Blogroll, Danny Glover looks at the controversy stirred up by his reporting and commentary on the position of paid bloggers in this year’s campaigns. He links to a good cross-section of criticism, some of it quite reasoned and reasonable and some of it, well, not. Let’s all play nice now, ya hear? Don’t make me take your ball away.


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Colin Delany
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