Quick Hits — October 27, 2006

  • Liberal Bloggers Try To Google-bomb Republicans. Chris Bowers of MyDD enlists the blogosphere to try to ensure that the “proper” articles about Republican candidates show up high in search results. Suggested by a loyal reader (thanks, Dad!). (The Bivings Report also takes this topic on.)
  • Saving Democracy With Web 2.0. Wired News looks at online mapping applications and how they can be used to present political data — from campaign contributions to federal contracts.
  • Strategic Online Communities. Alan Rosenblatt looks at the difference between non-strategic and strategic online communities — and why the latter may prove to be powerful political advocacy channels.
  • Cantwell Folks Solve Tedstevens.net Puzzle. Parody site about Sen. Ted Stevens was created by a former staff member, not a fellow senator. Site appears to be dead, alas. Suggested by occasional contributor Burt Edwards.


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Colin Delany
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