Quick Hits — October 15, 2006

Quick Hits goes local!

  • Candidates go online for young voters. Staten Island Advance looks at candidate MySpace profiles in races in Brooklyn and Staten Island. Social networking, den of sin and lair of iniquity: the article notes that “a number of profiles on Fossella’s list are laced with profanity or feature scantily clad men and women” — despite the fact that this particular candidate has supported requiring MySpace-blocking software for schools and libraries in the past.
  • Creating a forum for ideas. Ventura County (CA) Star is setting up a local blogging network to supplement its existing discussion forums and reader comments. Another publication that understands how to use social media to build and keep an audience.
  • ‘Bloggers’ are modern pamphleteers. A look at Louisiana political bloggers from the Baton Rouge Advocate. The steady expansion of the blogosphere into local and regional politics is a trend to watch.


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Colin Delany
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