Quick Hits — November 14, 2006

Post-election, back-to-our-normal-lives edition.

  • Two events this week: Idealware is hosting an online seminar tomorrow to compare open source content management systems Joomla, Drupal, and Plone (nerd alert!), and Alan Rosenblatt’s Internet Advocacy Center is covering MySpace and Facebook advocacy case studies Thursday at a roundtable I’m sorry to be missing.
  • Let’s bring life of politics online. Zephyr Teachout, formerly of the Dean campaign and possessor of the most fabulous name so far printed on this site, suggests ways to use the ‘net to bring the political process out into the daylight. A Burt Edwards tip.
  • Did campaign blogs help candidates? The Bivings Report finds, maybe not (can’t escape those elections after all, can we?).


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Colin Delany
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