Quick Hits — November 29, 2006

  • 2008 Candidates Search Web for Next New Thing. Writing in The Hill, Jonathan E. Kaplan gives a solid overview of social networking, YouTube and other new political tools. One nice twist — measuring and rewarding supporters’ online zeal. A tip from my NET colleague John Anthony (never trust a man without a real last name).
  • Entrepreneurs See a Web Guided by Common Sense. John Markoff in the Times looks at the potential of artificial intelligence to mine the depths of the Web for answers to normal human questions — Web 3.0 awaits. One bummer: IBM is only looking at the “six billion documents that make up the non-pornographic World Wide Web” (they’re missing out). A Ha-Hoa Dang suggestionTM.
  • Crash The Parties. USA Today contributor Don Campbell touts Unity08’s attempt to build an independent third-party movement using Internet tools. Hmmmm, pardon me if I’m skeptical — the rising online applications depend on bottom-up creativity, social media-style, and this endeavor has a utopian, top-driven air about it (like some other sites I can think of).


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Colin Delany
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