Quick Hits — October 10, 2006

  • ‘Puppets’ Emerge as Internet’s Effective, and Deceptive, Salesmen. Beware the meat puppets! Excellent article by Frank Ahrens in the Post about astroturfing social networking sites, i.e., setting up fake profiles to sell a product. One idea that clearly works: have your campaign involve a threesome….
  • Congress in 30 Seconds. Roll-your-own ads using prepackaged audio and video clips. Excellent use of social media concepts.
  • Nice campaign microsite. This one jumped out at me as a good balance of content — a sudoku game, viral-wannabe video, information in quick bursts with links to more detail. The only thing they seem to lack is a mechanism for collecting emails, but that may have been a conscious choice.
  • Google Snatches Up YouTube for $1.65B. I suspect you guys might already have heard about this one.


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Colin Delany
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