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March, 2016

Quick Hits — September 29, 2008

Crazy day, eh? No worries — still plenty of careers available in the fast-growing fields of post-apocalyptic looting and rampaging. Update: DNC running ads on Drudge Report and Beliefnet focusing on McCain gambling ties, via Mike Allen. Bailout Bill’s Failure Crashes U.S. House Web...

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Watching Conservatives Revolt against Palin Online

When a conservative national columnist, particularly one who had defended Sarah Palin at length, calls on the Republican vice presidential nominee to resign for her own good and that of the country, it gets noticed. But here’s another thing to watch — the comments on Palin-related...

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Quick Hits — September 25, 2008

Katie Couric on Sarah Palin and David Letterman on John McCain. Note the tone of the (extended) discussion on the Politico/Palin article. I’m sorry to our Republican readers, but it’s becoming increasingly difficult to take John McCain even remotely seriously. FAIL: Wave Rises on the...

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