Events this Week: Cap Cabal Returns, Plus Debate-Watching Parties

Hey kids, plenty of good stuff going on this week. First off, Hank Dearden’s Capital Cabal returns tonight, but this time it’s in Bethesda, so at least the DC types won’t have to swim the Mighty Potomac River to make it. Next, on Wednesday the Young MC’s will have a rooftop happy hour on I Street — apparently, no turntables necessary, only an interest in communications. The weather should be perfect, and thanks to the lovely Shana Glickfield for the tip.

Finally, the much-awaited First Presidential Debate is on Friday, and e.politics is co-hosting a fundraiser/watch party down at Left Bank (Adams Morgan) starting at 8, which should be a hoot and a half. Can’t quite make it all the way up the 18th Street hill? Check out The Root watch party at Marvin @ 14th & U (I may hop the Adams Morgan short bus and hit ’em both). Nobody call me before noon on Saturday — I’d hate to have to shoot my new iPhone.


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Colin Delany
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