Two Don’t-Miss Events this Week

A couple of groovy events are looming in DC’s near future and you’ll hate yourself if you miss them, I guarantee. First off, tonight is the second Tuesday of the month, a perfect time for Hank Dearden and the Capital Cabal’s Second Tuesdays New Media & “Dot Com” Networking Party. It’s way out in Clarendon, so bring your tourist visa for the Old Dominion and schmooze away with the local online community’s best and brightest. Don’t forget to remind Hank to be on time for his Politics Online panel (I’ll be running the hour with a stern eye on the clock and a firm hand upon the whip).

Next, you’d damn sure better make it to Democracy in Action’s Thursday night dance-and-beverages party up in Columbia Heights — they’re releasing a new product version (codename: Salsa) and don’t mind serving up food and booze to celebrate. Despite a serious lack of salsability (I grew up on 4/4 time, kids!), I’ll be there as soon as we’re done drinking the Politics Online reception dry.


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Colin Delany
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