Thursday, June 12 — Have a Beer with E.politics

That huge house on U Street may be long gone, but there’s a burnin’ in my heart that just won’t follow it into the sunset. In other words, I got the fever for a party, the kind that tears the paint off the walls and the pants off the guests. The solution? Outsource it!

Thursday, June 12th, 6 pm — Have a Beer with E.politics at The Reef

Yes, in the proud tradition of searching high and low for a tax write-off, I’m throwing a party on the main floor of the The Reef in Adams Morgan after work on Thursday, June 12th.

Officially it’s an e.politics party, and plenty of the high and mighty (and the low and vicious) from the worlds of online politics, journalism and communications will be there, but we’ll also have a frightening number of local slackers, deadbeats and outright degenerates. (You can probably guess which group you belong in; if it’s several, God bless ya and none of us is making it out of here alive.) Should be a fun mix, and an interesting social experiment to boot.

But wait, there’s more! I’ll even buy the first coupla rounds of drinks.

The details:

  • When: 6/12, from 6-9 pm (officially, though we ain’t stoppin’ till they make us)
  • Where: The Reef, 2446 18th Street, NW, in Adams Morgan (DC)
  • Featuring: We’ll dominate the main floor and can spill onto the (shaded) roofdeck as necessary. I’ll provide light appetizers early and will cover the first few rounds of drinks, but you kids are on your own after that. Remember to tip your servers and bartenders.

Important Note

The Reef features live nude fish, sometimes in compromising positions. Consider yourself warned.


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Colin Delany
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