Re-Scheduled Summer Party at the Reef: This Thursday

The elements themselves may have ganged up against us the last time we tried this, but let’s see if we can get together and whoop it up WITHOUT provoking the wrath of water, wind and fire. Come kick off your Labor Day weekend a day early at a…

Re-Scheduled Summer Party at The Reef: An Production

Yes, it’s time for a knock-down, drag-out, old-school party of the highest caliber possible, featuring all the people you like and none of the ones you don’t, plus food, booze and good times all around. Here’s the scoop:

  • This coming Thursday, September 2nd, starting at 6 pm sharp
  • On the main floor of The Reef in Adams Morgan (DC), just a flight of stairs away from a lovely roof deck
  • 6 pm until ???
  • Open bar for the first few rounds of drinks
  • Plus plenty of tasty Reef appetizers and snacky foods, all enviro-friendly to boot

Let’s grab hold of these last long days of summer and wring all good times out of them we can. And with much of DC out of town for the holiday weekend, it’s a good opportunity to shuffle the social deck as well — we have new friends to introduce to old, plus plenty of trouble to get into along the way.

Hope to see you Thursday! YOU WILL WANT TO ARRIVE EARLY OR ON TIME, ’cause the free booze will only last so long, and then you’ll have to cry in a beer you purchased with your own hard-earned cash (buy me one while you’re at it, thanks). Looking forward to an absolutely kickass good time, and you should too. Rock and roll. BTW, here’s the Facebook invite, should you heed your mother’s advice to always RSVP.


Written by
Colin Delany
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