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Seven Years!

A small milestone slipped by unnoticed a week or two back: the seven-year anniversary of the launch of Wow! In that long-ago summer of 2006, George W. Bush was President, the Republicans controlled Congress, YouTube was a year old, “social networking” meant MySpace, and...

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News: Heading to Armenia Wednesday

Update: Greetings from Armenia! I got in late last night and we’re on the road today, so I’ll post a copy of the presentation Powerpoint once we get to a hotel (assuming the interwebs are in a mood to work). And, check my Facebook page for photos — more to come. Exciting times...

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Victory is Ours!

Well, a Victory Award is, anyway — won at the Poli Conference in the category, “Blog Político del Año, Otra Lengua Aparte del Español.” I.e., political blog of the year, in a language other than Spanish. Very cool! Winners were announced Thursday night at the...

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