Six Years of

Wow, a little anniversary slipped by last month without acknowledgement: launched in its modern incarnation six years ago as of July 17th (for those of a historical bent, here are the first few posts from soon after launch). To everyone who reads the site, thank you!! has changed my professional and creative life in fantastic ways, from opening doors to writing/speaking gigs and consulting jobs to helping me find full-time employment when it was really, really, needed to introducing me to an unbelievable number of amazing people, including many of you reading this right now.

Speaking of amazing people, extra thanks to all of our guest authors. You’ve added tremendous value to the site, both by writing about topics we weren’t covering and by providing a different perspective on ones that we regularly do. And over the past couple of months, as I’ve been swamped with work and outside activities (like getting ready to construct a building in the desert for Burning Man), you’ve REALLY helped keep this site going. How about another six years! Although by 2018, our friends and future masters, the robots, may have replaced us all as both readers and writers…I guess that’s a chance we’ll just have to take. Thanks again!


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