Epolitics.com Up for a ‘Victory Award’ This Weekend

Howdy folks, as you can imagine I’ve been scrambling around the past week, wrapping up my time at NWLC and building the foundation for the new digital strategy consulting business. One piece of neglected news in the meantime: Epolitics.com (and I) are up for a “Victory Award” at the Poli Conference this weekend! Very cool — the Poli Conference is a premier event in the Spanish-language political professional world, and the site is a nominee in the “non-Spanish-language blog” category.

Unfortunately, I won’t be able to make it to the actual awards ceremony in NYC Friday evening, since I’ll be down in Texas for a family event (we’re having a big party for my parents’ 50th anniversary, with kinfolk coming in from all over). Still, wish the site luck! Receiving honorary awards, among others: the Obama campaign’s David Axelrod and Jim Messina. A win in my category would be an honor…and a most auspicious start to the new consulting business.


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Colin Delany
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