New Job! Starting at the National Women’s Law Center on Friday

Hi folks, the suspense is over — I got a new job! I’m starting as the Online Outreach Director at the National Women’s Law Center this coming Friday, leading a six-person commando strike team to parachute deep behind enemy lines and do whatever it is we need to do to further the policy goals of an illustrious advocacy organization. Kill a man? Probably not, though we may have to try to put the hurt on a bad idea or two in the public sphere.

Should be a fascinating time! We’re going to be working on health care and a ton of other great issues likely to be front and center in Congress over the next two years, and I’m looking forward to a little trench warfare on behalf of all that is right and good in the world. Plus, I’ll be sharing an office with 50 dedicated and talented women of a liberal bent…what could possibly go wrong?


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Colin Delany
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