News: Heading to Armenia Wednesday

Update: Greetings from Armenia! I got in late last night and we’re on the road today, so I’ll post a copy of the presentation Powerpoint once we get to a hotel (assuming the interwebs are in a mood to work). And, check my Facebook page for photos — more to come.

Exciting times in the e.politics bunker: I’m heading to the ancient country of Armenia on Wednesday, to lead a series of social media trainings for local journalists. Wow! Armenia’s one of those places I’d heard of for years (in the Middle Ages, it was a border area between the Byzantine Empire and the Persian Empire and its Islamic successors), but I never figured I’d actually end up there. Layers of history? Sign me up!

The trip was organized through the U.S. embassy there, which brings in a couple of speakers a year as part of its public outreach. I’ll be talking with journalists in three smaller cities, aiming to help them use Facebook, Twitter et al to develop stories and promote their work. In the process, I’ll get to see a big slice of the country — the trip starts in the Armenian capital, but we’ll drive a few hours south on the first day. Very cool. may have to take another short break in the meantime, but we’ll see — hours in the passenger seat may just yield some writing (plus, I’m DEFINITELY bringing a camera). In any case, the trip is all because of this site, and by extension because of you — you guys keep going by reading it, contributing guest articles and spreading the word. Thank you!

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