Greetings from #CampaignTech!

Howdy folks, things have been a bit hectic down here in the e.politics bunker lately, but let’s get rolling again on the editorial side. Also rolling: the new consulting business, which officially started just over a week ago. Business is coming in already, too. First interesting development: I’ll be heading to the country of Armenia in two weeks to run training sessions on social media for local journalists, on a trip organized by the U.S. embassy there. Wow!

Today, though, it’s time for the CampaignTech conference, where I’m busy picking up notes and other tips for future articles. Plus schmoozing, natch. If you’re at the conference, be sure to come by our 9 AM session tomorrow morning — we’ll be talking about applying 2012 lessons moving forward, in a session called “How to Act Like Obama Online When You Don’t Have a Billion in the Bank.” We’ll have veterans of Obama 2008 and 2012, plus folks who’ve worked on scads of congressional and state campaigns, and I’m looking forward to a great conversation. Hope you can make it! If the tech gods allow, we’ll have video to post afterwards.


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Colin Delany
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