Next Week: Don’t Miss CampaignTech East


Hi folks, I’ve been driven into seclusion in the e.politics bunker lately by a serious barrage of work. You know, work — the stuff that pays the mortgage and feeds the cat. So I’ve been tragically remiss in my promotional duties, particularly for the C&E-sponsored CampaignTech East conference, which lands in DC next Wednesday and Thursday. Check it out.

The conference is packed with a terrific array of panels, panelists and speakers, many of them new to CampaignTech this year. I hope you like your daily dose of Delany, though: I’ll be moderating three panels, and the legendary Julie Germany and I are official honorary Co-Chairs (which I believe is somewhat akin to being named Prom Queen and King — we’ll be the ones in the tiaras).

Best of all, I haz discount code, which’ll knock a solid chunk of change off the price of admission. If you’re interested, just drop me a line. I hope to see you next week!


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Colin Delany
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