[Presentation] Now Online: ‘Social Media for Practical Journalists’

Howdy folks, whew! That Armenia trip threw me for a loop for a few days: it was a fantastic experience, but I think I caught both ends of the jet lag on the flip side (my poor aging brain was addled for days, the body longer). All is well now, and we might just have some Quick Hits and other articles in the hopper, headed your way soon.

In the meantime, check out the pictures from the trip, which covered most of the length of Armenia and took us within a few dozen miles of the Iranian border (one funny sight — a couple of bar/strip joint/party clubs out in the middle of nowhere, basically tourist traps for Iranian men eager to get out and have A Good Time). In all of four days, we put more than 500 miles on the car…many of them as much vertical as horizontal, as you’ll see in photos like this one.

Also, the slides I used as the outline of each talk (we held four, in three different towns) are below — “social media for practical journalists”. Take a look, and let me know if you have questions.

[One funny note: I included a picture of Albert the cat in a couple of places, something that makes American audiences laugh, b/c the cat-focused nature on digital communications is a running joke over here. In Armenia, not so much — people just looked slightly puzzled. Cultural gulfs kill jokes…though we kept ’em engaged, nonetheless. In any case, I’d go back in a second. It’s an amazing country.]


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