Special for Epolitics Readers: A Discounted PoliticalWire Membership

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Hi folks, I’m pleased to be able to offer Epolitics.com readers a chance to pick up a membership for PoliticalWire.com, the premier political news aggregator, at a 10% discount. I hit PoliticalWire regularly throughout the day, since it provides by far the best roundup of political news stories I’ve ever found — many of the stories in each Quick Hits edition on Epolitics.com got on my radar because PWire had them first.

Most stories on PoliticalWire are free to the public, but the site also hosts exclusive content and offers other member benefits you can read about here (I’m a big fan of the Inside Elections newsletter, for example). When you join, you also get to skip the ads (whew) and go straight to the news. Plus, you’ll be supporting a site that’s become an essential resource for politicos and journalists alike, all for less than $5 per month with an annual membership and the discount.

I’ve known Taegan Goddard, the founder and editor, since his site and the original iteration of Epolitics.com were in a dedicated political ad network back in the late 1990s. He’s stuck with his baby basically since the start of the political internet, and it’s never wavered from its foundational idea. The political world NEEDS a reliable aggregator, and you should take full advantage of it. Ten percent off? Bonus! Join now.


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