Daily Telegraph: How Biden Took Control of Trump’s Presidential Social Media

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The White House changed hands on January 20th, and so did all of social-media properties associated with it. As Laurence Dobbs covered in the UK’s Daily Telegraph around the time of the inauguration, this process was unusually fraught when one of the parties involved was named Donald Trump.

One issue? The now-former president’s attitude to transparency, which I likened to that of a “mob boss” in a quote in the piece. Another problem? Twitter reset the White House account to zero followers, which it did NOT do when Barack Obama transferred it to Donald Trump. It’s now back up to about 4.5 million followers as I write this, though, and the Biden team is using it actively — over 400 tweets since they took over, all of which appear to feature correct grammar and normal capitalization.

Check out the Telegraph article for more the Biden-Trump digital transition, including another quote from me about why the transition should not have been complicated. Fifty states and the District of Columbia do it every time they get a new governor or mayor!


Telegraph photo via John Schanlaub/Wikipedia

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