How We Persuaded Joe Biden Not to Run


So, after months of public indecision and sustained media frenzy, Joe Biden is not running for president after all.

Why did he decide to stay out of the 2016 ring? Some may say that it’s because of Hillary Clinton’s strong performance in the first Democratic debate, or perhaps Biden’s own low poll numbers despite personal popularity.

But I have a different theory: he read the recent Technology Bytes column pointing out the steep digital hill he’d have to climb if he gets into the race this late. A social media following can blow up fast, but email lists rarely build themselves overnight! Likewise a digital outreach team, an analytics team, a grassroots organization, etc. — basically, all the trappings of a serious campaign in the internet era.

Thank you for your service, Vice President Biden! I think you made a wise choice. After all, if the Democratic side of the race goes off the rails, you can always offer yourself for nomination-by-acclamation at the Democratic National Convention next summer.

Besides the digital-campaigning article, I had a more-personal stake in the matter: because of a standing Biden bet with my friend Bill Gorman, I shall now receive $20 and a large two-item pizza. Tastes like…victory.


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Colin Delany
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