Let Joe Biden Show You How Much More You Paid in Taxes than Donald Trump

Quick to capitalize on the New York Times’s revelation that Donald Trump has paid little or no income tax over recent years, the Biden/Harris campaign has launched its own Trump Tax Calculator. Enter the top-line number from your tax bill, and you can see how much more YOU paid for our common needs than the President of the United States!

This little critter is a classic example of a campaign microsite, in this case hosted as a single page on the main JoeBiden.com website rather than under a standalone URL. It includes:

  • An appropriately gilded title graphic (see above)
  • Elementary math behind the scenes
  • A donation button
  • A email signup form
  • A collapsed navigation menu (i.e. a hamburger)
  • Outrage

And that’s about it! Quick to produce, quick to understand, quick to catch the eye of journalists, activists, Trump-haters and anyone who appreciates satire. No auditing skills required. Gets the Epolitics.com Seal of Approval. Four stars! Let’s see if Biden mentions it at tonight’s debate.


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Colin Delany
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