Donald Trump vs. Pope Francis, At the Speed of Light

Politics at the speed of light

Donald Trump may have backed down somewhat in his public spat with Pope Francis over walls and bridges, but let’s note a digital angle in all of this. As Reid Wilson pointed out on the Diane Rehm show this morning, the two infallible leaders’ words flew back and forth even as the Pope was in the air between Mexico and Rome. Politics at the speed of light!

Wilson marveled at the rapidity of the exchange, and for good reason: political stories that once took days or weeks to develop now play out in minutes. This idea isn’t new to readers, since we’ve been talking about the ever-increasing — and digitally driven — pace of politics for a long time. But it’s always worth highlighting, since this new reality is something campaigns cannot escape. Welcome to our brave new world…if you can keep up.


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Colin Delany
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