Holy Tweets! Now Even the Pope is on Twitter

This just in from our friend Kayle Hatt:

The Catholic Church, arguably one of the most traditionalist organizations in our time with a habit of resisting change, just launched an official Twitter account for Pope Benedict XVI (@Pontifex) in eight different languages.

The Vatican’s shift to more digital and modern communication is certainly interesting in many ways, but there’s a simple point here: If the even the Pope is on twitter, what’s your (or your organizations) excuse?

Of course, joining twitter has one downside for his holiness – Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga can now say they have more followers than the Pope!

Hmmm, what’s next, a Doctrine of Infallible Tweets? Note that Chuck Grassley has welcomed His Holiness to Teh Twittahs; I can’t wait until we see the first papal LOLcat (“Archbishop Kitteh iz usin yer birth control as a scratching post”).


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Colin Delany
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