Exploring Digital Campaign Budgets, Logistics & Staffing

Our friends at Campaigns & Elections have featured the logistics chapter from How to Use the Internet to Change the World – and Win Elections on their site! It’s a chance for everyone to take a look inside the book, in this case at Chapter 16, the final substantive section of the guide. Among other things, this chapter covers:

  • Staff vs. consultants – which to rely on
  • Where staff should “live” in a campaign structure
  • Essential tasks and time
  • Budgeting time and money
  • Staying on target

I’ve struggled with this chapter more than most over the years, since I’m often asked how much campaigns should budget for their digital work, and I don’t think a hard and fast answer exists. Instead, I look at the factors involved in setting a budget, based on a campaign’s goals and resources and the kind of race it’s running. I’d love to hear your thoughts, so check out the piece here. And please don’t hesitate to spread the word — trust me, it’s a big help.


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Colin Delany
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