Talking About the Kochs, Digital Staffing, IE Groups in 2016 & More on DPR

Digital Politics Radio

Hi folks, I had the pleasure of going on Karen Jagoda’s Digital Politics Radio show this week, and as always we had a terrific conversation. This time we talked about several things that have been recent obsessions on, including the Kochs’ new data/politics empire, the digital role of other outside groups in the upcoming campaigns, the fierce competition for digital staff, Dave Leichtman’s proposed Democratic 50-state digital organizing strategy and much more. Check it out!

Also on the show this week: Glenn Kessler, the President of HCD Research, talked about measuring physiological reactions to ads and messaging and how political strategist might incorporate biometric data in their analysis of what engages voters. Interesting stuff, for sure.

And, don’t forget that I’m a Digital Politics Radio Contributing Editor, and note that the show reaches political consultants and activists around the country. It’s a great way to connect with the outside-the-Beltway political class. Contact me to talk about sponsorship opportunities.

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