What Does the Cambridge Analytica Scandal Mean for 2018 Political Campaigns?

Most of coverage of Cambridge Analytica’s work with Trump 2016 and other campaigns has focused on the potential fallout for the president and his team or for the company itself. What about the implications for 2018 political campaigns?

I looked at that question in my latest column for Campaigns & Elections, concentrating on four areas:

  • Data regulation
  • Public backlash against Facebook, including the possibility that many people may stop using the platform entirely
  • Campaign law, including campaign coordination with outside “independent” groups and with foreign actors
  • Whether or not CA was selling snake oil, something we’ve covered here extensively

On the last point, let’s just say that “If it sounds like magic, it’s might just be vapor, no matter how fancy the Powerpoint. Pro tip: vaporware rarely wins elections.” Read the full article for more.


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