That Time We Hung Out with Mark Zuckerberg at #SXSW

DC nerds meet Silicon Valley royalty

Ten years ago, internet politics invaded South by Southwest — and I was there to see it. I’d been going to SXSW Interactive since 2003, back when it was a tiny little thing compared with the behemoth it is today. The DC internet politics crowd began to infiltrate the festival in 2006 (the same year I got the idea for, and by 2008 Julie Germany had already landed a group of us a panel about the internet and the presidential election.

The discussion was great, but in retrospect the real highlight happened later that evening, when a group of us crashed Facebook’s exclusive SXSW party, headlined by Mark Zuckerberg (a friend promised he could get us in and greased a door watcher’s palm to make it happen). Zuck and I had a brief, awkward yet historic conversation, and the whole DC crowd piled in for the triumphant photograph below.

DC nerds meet Silicon Valley royalty
DC nerds meet Silicon Valley royalty

That’s the largest version I can find! I wonder if anyone has a better copy. Ten years, baby! Feels like another world. More photos from that day…I wonder if Zuck still asks about us?


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