Consulting Ate My Brain!

Consulting appears to have eaten my brain

Hey gang, whew! It’s been a hell of a couple of months down here in the e.politics bunker, as you might tell from the sparse publishing calendar. What’s been up? Besides some developments on the family front that have had me running to Texas periodically, consulting work has kicked in, big time.

Ironically, considering that 2016 is an election year, NONE of my time has gone to candidates, though I’ve chatted off and on with various groups interested in making things happen on the electoral front. Instead, the new projects have been focused on renewable energy and social media. I’m extremely happy to be on the right side of history, with renewable generating costs plummeting and global warming more of a concern every day.

One project is all top secret and classified, but the other is very much in the public eye: I’m working with the wind energy industry to build an online community around the reality and promise of wind energy for America. We’re still creating the larger infrastructure, but you can check out our first work on Facebook at Electric Nation: Powered by Wind. Groovy! Much more to come, too, and I’m very pleased to have be working with long-time friend Jessica Bates to make this project a reality.

Besides those two campaigns (which kicked off this summer), I’m still hanging out with ongoing clients like the Alzheimer’s Prevention Registry and the Marine Fish Conservation Network every week, plus making time for trainings, speaking gigs and short stints with other folks who need help with the internets. Busy times! But shan’t go hungry for long — all of this work is teaching me new things every day, and I’m eager to share them with you. Don’t forget your own articles! Let’s get some new bylines up there, shall we? Onward, through the fog….


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