Thanks for a Terrific Conversation Wednesday

It’s been a little crazy here in the e.politics bunker the past couple of days, with heavy incoming fire (i.e., clients) requiring the sternest of all possible responses (i.e., large invoices), but we can’t possibly let Wednesday’s IPDI book discussion get away without notice. What a terrific group! And a good mix, too — a couple of professors, some grad students, several nonprofit advocacy types, some communications consultants, at least one political advertising dude and even a random intern or two.

The questions were terrific, the back-and-forth kicked ass, and overall we turned it into a real discussion, ranging from why political ads suck to the demographics of nonprofit advocacy groups to the enduring power of cute kittens on the internet. Not bad for lazy August afternoon! I think we raised the bar for future IPDI book discussions — Julie, consider the gauntlet thrown down most decisively.


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Colin Delany
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  • This discussion was great! You throw out smart and provocative statements that really made the crowd really think about where online politics is going.

    I always learn a lot when I hear you speak. As my friend Phil said to me during your presentation, “I could listen to Colin talk internet all day.”