Update on the Digital Strategy Consulting Biz

Hi folks, it was three months ago that I dove back into the consulting world, starting a digital strategy practice focusing on advocacy and politics. The initial results? Thus far, good! So, here’s what’s been going on (besides a recent plague of cat) down here in the e.politics bunker.

My goal has been to build several different lines of business, supplementing a core focus on strategy planning for individual clients with a training business (both in-person and via call/webinar), freelance writing and speaking. And, we’ve seen progress on all fronts! On the consulting side, I’ve been working on several projects related to either immigration or international development, and I’m also helping a large online advocacy community plan its next steps.

Writing’s also going well, particularly since the good people at Campaigns & Elections are kind enough to let me toss an extra article their way on occasion — look for a feature article in addition to the normal TechBytes column in the next issue. And the speaking/training side of things is also yielding fruit, in the form of a webinar or two and those trips to Armenia and Romania.

Speaking of webinars, I’m thinking of putting on a public freebie in the next few weeks, focusing on the essentials of creating an online advocacy strategy (of course, the goal is to use the talk to gin up new biz). So keep an ear open for that! And of course, if you hear about projects that might be a good fit, keep me in mind. The hardest part of consulting is keeping a steady flow of projects in the pipeline, and though the summer is going well on that front so far, you never know when a drought will set it. Capitalizm, baby! A exciting set of waves to ride, and thanks for coming along.


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