Webinar: Digital Strategy for Practical Advocacy (Thursday, 8/14)

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Does your digital advocacy strategy need some help? You’re wondering how new online tools fit into your advocacy program? Or, are you about to launch a new project and you’re looking for digital inspiration? Sounds like you should join a webinar I’m leading next Thursday:

Webinar: Digital Strategy for Practical Advocacy
Presenter: Colin Delany, Epolitics.com
Thursday, August 14, 2014 from 2:00 PM to 3:00 PM (EASTERN)

Change is hard – and advocating for change isn’t any easier. Online/digital tools offer issue campaigns and nonprofits powerful opportunities to build support, raise money and affect policy, but only if they use them right. Otherwise, they can simply waste precious time.

How can organziations craft a practical strategy to put the internet to work to create real change in the world, based on their own needs, goals and resources? This webinar will help participants through that process, helping them choose the right tools and techniques on which to focus based on their own organizational skills, culture and capacities.

Whether your campaign focuses on the grassroots or on high-level policy wonkery, you’ll learn how to match your needs with the tools and tactics available today. No airy talk — this webinar is all about getting real results.

Space is limited — sign up today.

Note that webinar participation costs $10 plus a minimal Eventbrite fee. I guarantee your time will be well spent, and I hope you can join in. And if you can’t, please help spread the word!


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