#TBT: The Top 10 Signs a Social Media Expert Isn’t

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Time for a little Throwback Thursday fun, kids! Let’s hop in the Wayback Machine and trip down Memory Lane all the way to 2012, when I’d had it with bad social media sales pitches. The result? The top 10 signs a social media “expert” isn’t all he or she is claiming to be. Heard any of these lately? I bet you have….

The original article reprinted below for your consideration. What new would you add to the list?

Howdy folks, I’ve been hit lately by a rash of sales pitches from social media “experts,” and the only rational response is to make fun of them. So with a nod to Letterman, here are my Top Ten Signs a “Social Media Expert” isn’t.

  1. He (and it’s probably a “he”) thinks Twitter follow-bots are a GREAT idea.
  2. He tells you to focus your outreach work on Google Plus.
  3. He thinks “email is dead.” (Note: bonus points if he says it in an email.)
  4. When you follow his Twitter feed, he sends you an automated sales pitch via DM.
  5. He thinks that the number of people who “Like” a Facebook page is all that matters.
  6. He automatically posts EVERY ONE of his tweets to Facebook.
  7. He thinks social media is the answer to all communications problems.
  8. He has fewer followers than your cat.
  9. His previous jobs have all been in sales.
  10. And finally: the only thing he measures is the size of your bank account.

What’d I miss? Add your own suggestions in the comments!


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